2022 WA State NRM and Coastal Conference. 20-22 September, Mandurah

Dr Steven Lade

Dr Steven Lade



Dr Steven Lade is an ARC Future Fellow at the Australian National University,
researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University, and Science
Lead at the Earth Commission Secretariat hosted by Future Earth Sweden.


What is Resilience? A tour of resilience theory and practice


Resilience is a slippery concept: we all have intuitive understandings about what it means, but
it’s hard to pin down exactly what it is. Similarly, it’s easy to have the ambition of building
resilience, but there’s no recipe book for how to build resilience in practice. This talk us on a
tour of important resilience concepts and tools from the last 50 years of resilience thinking.


This talk will present claims including: resilience is the capacity to deal with change,
including the capacities to persist, adapt or transform when needed; resilience is
about individuals and systems; resilience can be counter to short-term optimisation;
resilience can be good or bad; resilience involves trial and error; resilience builds on
multiple types of evidence; transformative change has at least three distinct phases;
and seven principles can provide guidelines for building resilience.


Dr Lade is s the recipient of an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship. (project number
FT200100381) funded by the Australian Government.”