2022 WA State NRM and Coastal Conference. 20-22 September, Mandurah

Dr Chadden Hunter

Dr Chadden Hunter



Few people have more stories from the wild corners of the world than Dr Chadden Hunter. He has worked alongside Sir David Attenborough for over 20 years, documenting everything from snow leopards in Pakistan to anaconda in the Amazon. Chadden has produced some of the world’s most famous wildlife series. Planet Earth 1 & 2, Wild Arabia, Frozen Planet and Seven Worlds One Planet, have won over 20 Emmys and Baftas. He spent 3 years in the Arctic and Antarctic directing the FrozenPlanet series where he learnt that -40C was cold enough to freeze his eyes shut. His anecdotes are as inspirational as they are entertaining. Sometimes heart-breaking, often humorous, always riveting.


Attenborough and the Environment: Do Wildlife Films actually Help Conservation